Stay at Kanthi Resorts, Bagalkot

Spacious Rooms - Tasty food - Peaceful Location *but*

We reached the resort at around 4PM on 15-Sep and the first impression, we liked the resort from outside. It is located 10+ km away from town in a peaceful location.

But, to our surprise there is no lift and no room service, we have to carry all our luggage to first floor through stairs.

Secondly, we had a very bad experience with dinner, We ordered food at 8:30PM and it got delivered at 10:30 PM.

Thirdly, we got a phone call for 20/- for one water bottle after checkout.

Otherwise, the rooms are spacious, comfortable and clean and even though the service is not good. Taste of the food was really good.

After finishing our breakfast at 9:30AM we resumed our journey towards Goa.